Realistic surround sound: Official certified 5.1 Dolby Digital technology creates the ultimate acoustic environment that accentuates your gaming or movie experience.

5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound: Certified digital driver delivers pristine audio clarity with superior real directional audio, bringing the gamer into the game.

Dolby Pro Logic II: Dolby incorporates advanced steering logic for optimal channel separation, creating a stable 5.1 virtual soundfield. This maximizes surround sound capabilities from 2.1 audio sources.

Superior Bass and Treble: Get your heart racing with resounding Bass and powerful Treble, and fuel your extreme gaming with a surplus of adrenaline with each thumping explosion of sonic haven.

Immersive audio sharing: Link with up to 3 sets of S9 headsets to share the experience with family and friends.

Unidirectional microphone: Intelligent design records audio source from the user and significantly reduces ambient noise during recording or live-communication.

Cross-platform inputs: The X9 is compatible with PS3, XBOX 360, DVD/Blu-ray players and PCs.

Dive into the alternate reality of games and surreal soundscape technology with the Avatar Pro X9. The Avatar Pro X9 is a wireless 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound headset designed with unrivalled audio quality. Using the latest technology to deliver pristine acoustics and surround sound, the X9 is a force to be reckoned with.

Official certified Dolby Digital hardware + Pro Logic II is built into the X9 to deliver hardcore real and virtual positional audio, providing superior audio direction, intensity and distancing. The X9 then delivers seamless audio streaming via its dedicated 2.4GHz transmitter.

Bearing multiple input options, the X9 is compatible with a multitude of devices. Armed with digital, analog and optical ports, the X9 stands unrivalled in cross-platform competency. Sharing is also made easy with the supplementary Avatar Pro S9 headsets.

The X9 transmitter is able to sync with up to 3 sets of S9 headsets at a time which enables sharing of music, movie and gaming experiences.

Wireless Transmission Distance : 15m
Battery compartment : 2 X AA battery (up to 10 hours usage)
Frequency response : 20-20KHz
Impedance : 32Ω
Sensitivity : 119dB ± 3dBSPL
Max input : 100mW 2.00V
Driver size : 40mm
Frequency response : 50Hz-10000Hz
Sensitivity : -56dB ± 2bB
Signal to Noise ratio : 58dB
Digital Receiver
Digital RF wireless carrier at2.4GHz
Communication : Chatting with XBOX360 and PS3 (connect with Bluetooth dongle)
Receiver DAC audio performance : 97dB SNR (‘A’ Weighted at 48KHz)
Sampling Frequency : 8Hz – 192Khz
Low Harmonic Distortion : THD < 0.01 %
Power : 2 x AA Battery
Digital Transmitter
Dolby Digital 5.1 Pro Logic II and Dolby headphone certified
Transmit up to 4 sets of avatar pro X9
Digital RF wireless carrier at 2.4GHz
Audio input : 1 x optical, 1 x RCA
Audio Output : 1 x optical (Bypass)
Power : USB (5V)
Power On/Off indicator
PL II On/Off Indicator
DH2 On/Off indicator
Movie and Music mode
102dB SNR
RF pairing indicator
Sampling frequency : 8 – 96KHz
Packaging Contents
1 x Avatar Pro X9 digital RF Wireless headset
1 x Avatar Pro X9 digital RF Wireless microphone
1 x Avatar Pro X9 digital RF Transmitter
1 x Avatar Pro X9 digital RF Receiver
2 x AA Battery (not rechargeable)
1 x USB cable
1 x Optic Cable
1 X 3.5mm plug to RCA plug
1 x 3.5mm plug to 2.5mm plug
1 x micro USB cable
User Manual

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