ClubSport Pedal V2


New technologies
Improve your SimRacing experience thanks to our new great technologies.

Hydraulic brake
The addition of an oil damper to the load cell brake gives a more realistic and damped feeling.

Degressive clutch mechanism
A new mechanism for the clutch has been developed for improved realism. It gives you a degressive feel just like in a real car. Of course you can still adjust the spring strength.

Adjust it to your preferences
You can design the ClubSport Pedals V2 to fit your own needs.

Customize the brake
The feeling of the brake can be adjusted by changing the viscosity of the silicone oil in the oil damper, and by changing the spring tension on the damper. You can further adjust brake pressure level on the fly by using the dial adjustment. It is simple but very effective.

Choose the look of your pedals
Colour kits are fully compatible so get one of the color of your choice to customize your pedals to a complete black look or combine them with grey, orange red or blue.

Robustness and quality
Very solid and high quality construction.

Great quality product made to last.

Solid structure
The full aluminium construction of high quality material ensures a long lasting durability, improves resistance and results in an impressive weight.

Full aluminium construction
Ultimate adjustability: Position of pedal plates in all directions, angle, spring strengths, brake sensitivity, brake travel
High resolution pedals magnetic and contactless sensors on gas and clutch for a long life and maximum performance
Pressure sensitive brake with Load Cell sensor
Vibration motor to simulate ABS and indicate locking tires. Compatible to all games
ForceFeedback actuator on the brake

Compatible with any racing wheel from Fanatec or any other brand (Logitech, Thrustmaster, etc) if used on PC.
It will work with any racing wheel if the game supports a second controller.
These PC games are compatible:
Assetto Corsa
Project Cars
Race 07
Live for Speed
...and many others
If you connect it to a Fanatec wheel it will be compatible to all racing games. Please note that the vibration function is not supported by all games and can be implemented with plug ins to our driver if the games sends the telemetry data.
Gaming consoles (PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360):
You can connect the Clubsport pedals directly to the following Fanatec wheels to get compatibility on the PlayStation 3 and/or Xbox360 (depending on model)
ClubSport Wheel
Porsche 911 GT2 wheel
Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel
Porsche 911 GT3RS wheel
Porsche 911 GT3RS V2 wheel
Porsche 911 Carrera wheel
Forza Motorsport CSR wheel
Forza MotorSport CSR Elite Wheel

Packaging Details
Size (L x W x H) : 41.50cm x 26.50cm x 41.00cm
Weight: 7.20kg
Volume weight: 9.13kg

What's included
Clubsport pedals made of aluminium
USB cable (1.8 m/5.9 ft.) with Type A and Type B connector (for standalone use - PC only)
Connection cable to Porsche wheels with male PS/2 plugs (2.5 m/8.2 ft.)

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