Minila (Blue/ Black/ Brown/ Red Switch)


FILCO new compact! Double thumb keyboard Fn

Intact key pitch of Majestouch, function keys (or less, Fn key) in the standardization of key by pressing together of, MINILA is a Minimum Layout version of Majestouch is a compact keyboard that kept to the minimum required number of keys.
Features of MINILA biggest is that it is arranged on both sides of the space key the Fn key two. I was assigned the operation of the Fn key to thumb are rarely used at the input. The right-handed because it can be operated Fn key in both the left and right thumb Furthermore, there is no restriction of left-handed. Keystrokes key of everything is possible without breaking the home position so to manipulate the Fn keys with your thumbs.
Discomfort is less in people have never used a keyboard-only array of normal, high-speed typing or more will be possible up to now if used once.
[Design rights acquired]

It is more convenient in the press together with the Fn key

For the same time holding down the Fn key "E" "S" "D" and "F", I was assigned the cursor key "→", "↓", "↑", "←", respectively. I have made it possible to enter a cursor key without destroying the home position of the left hand with this.
In addition, the Fn key; has assigned the "Back space" to push the same time "+". Input of "Back Space" is possible without breaking the home position of the right hand.
High-speed input further is possible by this master.

I can choose the keying sense of your choice

The switch to four ZF Electronics Co., Ltd. of different typing feeling (formerly Cherry Corporation) MX tea axis (tactile feel) / MX black axis (linear) / MX blue axis (click tactile) / MX red axis (linear) respectively I was prepared.

To change the key code via DIP switch on the back!

By manipulating the DIP switch on the back, you can and you can disable or change the key code as shown in the table below.
I turned OFF all the factory.

Print wonder None
Key pitch / key stroke 19mm / 4 ± 0.5mm
Size / weight 40mm height width 297 × depth 124 × (stand when using 46mm) / 680g (separate cable)
Interface USB2.0
Accessories USB cable (1.8m), replacement key cap, FILCO Key Puller
Notices of other RoHS compliant design registration pending

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