Majestouch 2 Ninja (Blue/ Black/ Brown/ Red Switch)


For the middle class more than US ASCII array version of the new concept keyboard "Majestouch NINJA"

Majestouch NINJA is a mechanical keyboard that has been subjected to only key top front of the printing of all. There is a design characteristic that it is not visible only to non-engraved keyboard from an angle other than the user.
I have never finger touches directly to the difference printed portion keyboard and up to now, you can use it for a long time without stress is released from the problem of peeling and faded printing by friction of the finger.
There is also a place that is hard to see print because there is no printing only on the front of the key, to be compared with the normal keyboard there is printed on the top of the key. In addition I have also omitted printing of the LED portion of the design on the keyboard.
And who thinks nothing engraved keyboard and who are confident in touch typing is good looking but hurdle is high, it is ideal for users of the middle class more than I was used to the operation of the keyboard.
※ design rights acquired

Basic performance is not only the appearance is enhanced

It has been achieved to improve durability, reliability, and typing in a sense that it renewed the substrate in this model.
I adopt the substrate layer 2 of FR-4 The new board, and fix firmly with solder through-hole of all switch terminals. We have succeeded in that escape even the substrate side not only to iron plate and vibration load generated in typing when it becomes possible, to produce a keystroke feeling less complex taste more to increase the durability.
Also, as you can tolerate for professional use, such as a gamer, up to a maximum data transfer rate to the PC the software, we have the specifications that it is possible to obtain the response of the high-speed.

You can choose from eight types by preference use environment, a sense of typing

The environment of the user, and the 104-key full-size standard keyboard with a numeric keypad, I prepared two types of 87 key numeric keypad-less keyboard without a valid numeric keypad to space saving desk appearance design .
In addition to an individual switch if it will be the cornerstone of the keyboard, each ZF Electronics Co., Ltd. of different typing feeling (formerly Cherry Corporation) MX tea axis (tactile feel) / MX black axis (linear) / MX blue axis (click tactile) / MX red axis , so we have prepared four types of (linear), it is possible to choose the one you like best from among a total of eight types.

N key rollover support!
The N key rollover, to the ability to be recognized by all keystrokes when you press more than one key at the same time.
All key pressed at the same time is possible with PS / 2 connection!
(6 to key can be pressed at the same time regardless of the combination of the key in the case of USB connection. This behavior is by design of USB.)
I is equipped with a current backflow prevention mechanism by diode in all keys.

USB & PS / 2 convertible design
The standard cable is USB. The plug-and-play, It is the available on each Windows system. Can be connected as a PS / 2 keyboard that you want to use a dedicated PS / 2 plugs included.

Key arrangement English US ASCII array
Key pitch / key stroke 19mm / 4 ± 0.5mm
Size / weight 38.5mm height width 440 × depth 138 × (stand when using 49.5mm) / 1.2kg
Interface (PS / 2 using a conversion connector) PS / 2, USB
Cable length 1.5m (direct mounting)
Accessories Windows key (front printing type), FILCO Key Puller
Notices of other RoHS Compliance

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